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28th-Oct-2007 01:07 am - >> Random flyffu stuffs.
 Lol this is full of pure flyffness so you can ignore it. =3 I made an icon to show it now too. See how cheaply made it is. 8D 

Anyways.. My friend got a S class lion. She said she's gonna make me one. =DD Look how pretty it is~

She's gonna like make me a white tiger. =DDD I'm gonna give her so much luffs. <3
Poopsie says: lol thats hella sexy

And... Solidarity won the guild siege tonight. That made me happy cause Sunrise was making me angry. >[
17th-Oct-2007 07:12 pm - Kingdom Hearts Rant
Zexi zexi

Today I was playing Kingdom Hearts II, Xemnas's final battle.

I love the tasks to get to it, but when it comes to fight the actual 'superior' himself, he just annoys me. He cheats way too much. First with the whoosh! part. Whatever it's called.. Dark vines of doom, anyone? =o

Well.. that's kinda fun, but then he keeps doing constantly on the battle grounds with the electric balls off destruction. D: He just sucks. He can't keep a few better attacks like the other. The power-crazy man has to use all the other attacks too. -_- Like the lightsabers and all that. Then trapping Sora so you have to play as Ri---

OKAY, the rant was gonna lead to here. RIKU DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH LIFE. I do fine till the lazor beams at the end. >< When he's firing them dramatically one after the other without stopping at all.

I live. It's just, Riku keeps dying. D: I love Riku to death but. Hello, wake up call~ You're not gonna get far with about 50 life? I can't even lvl him at this point because I'm at the part where you just go through the series of battles to where you kill Xemnas. I did it like 6890701231641652631 times and then RIKU dies every time. >< It's a pain in the arse.

Sure, I beat it once, but the power went out and I couldn't save. Stupid storm.

Anyways... I'm not a happy Zexi. >[ If I can go to Oyaho-con with Riku, I'm gonna beat Riku for not having enough life in the game. I'm gonna find a Xemnas and beat him for cheating in the game. I don't care if he's my Superior. And I'm gonna beat Roxas, because it looks fun. o.o All with my book of doom. ThatIstillhavetomake. =DDD I still have to get my cloak too...

Off subject! Xemnas sucks. Riku sucks. End rant, plox. =3

Okay, so I was looking through the clubs on sheezy and on the Tales of one.. I found the official trailer for the Tales of Symphonia game for the wii. So I share this in dedication to soularia  and axel_lostheart 
16th-Oct-2007 07:33 pm - Sketchies
ToA - Sync 1

Well, we just got back from dinner. But before we left, I was gonna post a post a sketch of my new character, Aiden. Also a brief bio of him, so I don't have to do one later when it comes to the finished picture. =x I appologize in advanced if it's too light, but yeah, I don't like dark linearts. o.o;
Name: Aiden

Gender: Male

Race: Deity of Autumn

Birthdate: October 17. Year unknown. {{ xD Truth is I'm too lazy. -Shot.- }}
 Appears to be 15, actual age is unknown.
Able to call on fall, weakens plants through to his seasons time, shift into forest animals, ability to call fire and earth.

Extra Abilities: During the harvest seasons/moons - Grown powers, stronger than usual, able to use the powers of supernatural creatures during that time. ( Ex: Witches, goblins, monsters, ect. )

Weaknesses: Summer heat, spring love, crowds, sunlight for certain reasons.
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour: 
One eye green, the other unknown because of the eyepatch he wears. {{ I'm thinking red-gold due to autumn colors. >>; }}
Physical Build:
Somewhat scrawny, but has some muscle, basically a natural build. He's somewhat short, being the height of 5'6", and when in a good natural light his aura could be seen, distinguishing his race.
Distinguishing Marks:
I simple orangish red maple leaf on the back of his left shoulder
He was born in the realm of Deities years ago, being one of the four natural seasons to be brought into this world. When he got to a certain age and it came to October, the past Deity of Autumn has been killed by mortal hands with magic and chaos and that is what caused him to come to to Earth. Once gotten there he joined the Deity of Winter, Kaden, the Deity of Summer, Lithia, and the Deity of Spring, who isn't known yet. {{ We haven't got a spring rper I think.. o.o; }} There he developed his powers more by playing pranks with Kaden and just trying to get through the selfish ways of Lithia. 

Growing in the house of Deity had caused him to open up more and let go of a sadness he's always had, though it still resides there. Yet, he chooses to ignore it for the time being and hide it around others. And to his unfortunant dismay, he has grown a crush on Lithia, but constantly denies it, due to it seems that half of Lithia's heart belongs to another.


Eh, yeah, and that'd be Aiden. He's really fun to rp and it's in a group that I've rped with since middle school. xD Yey, middle school.

15th-Oct-2007 12:42 pm(no subject)
 It's been a while. But yeah, I still live. I have moved to New York since my mom's supposedly getting married here, just have to find out the whole deal on that. 

Other than that, I don't know what to do. I've been turned down by two jobs while here, and I quit the first one because there is no way in hell I'm going to do Telemarketing. Just not my kind of thing. Oh well, I can keep looking and eventually I'll find one. Maybe I can get dropped off the mall or something to look to see if there's any openings at stores I actually like.

It's really cold here, sigh~ I'm not used to it being this cold this early in the year, I'm used to Texas heat. xD;; Something to definantly get used to, but on the bright side I may be going to see Riku this weekend by going to Cedar Point. That is if Steve and my mom remember and they give the okay.

Not gonna hold up much longer, but I was wondering~ Does anyone want to trade me two Eevees? D: I'll give you my friend code and tell you what I have all ready. It's on Pokemon Diamond if you don't know.. >>; 

EDIT: I got my Eevees. =D Thanks, Riley~
31st-Jul-2007 01:23 am - I got bored.
30th-Jul-2007 07:06 pm - Update. =D

+New Journal layout.
      -Allen Walker 
      -Found on createblog.com

+Drawings from a friend! : D
 Birthday present.
Winning her contest accidently. xD;;

Other than that, I've been playing flyff a lot. I had to stop whenever my koi came on though and eventually she stopped comming. I broke up with him the other day and I can't say I'm too dissappointed about it at all. It worked out for the best I think. 

Anyways, flyff has been fun. ^^ I've been lvling like crazy so I can get my new jobclass. I've been putting it off for way too long.

I have some screenies I edited~ Those are behind the fake cut!

25th-Apr-2007 06:47 am - Birthday~. : D

So, yeah~ Yesterday was my eighteenth birthday. o.o

19th-Feb-2007 11:22 pm - I'm back

Omg.. So I’m back from my trip to Houston, and one thing for sure is that I’m tired and sore, but I’m staying up a bit to find out some things from a friend and to write a review of the whole trip. XD Cause.. I’m bored. >_>;

So Aud came over Saturday. We were thinking we were going to leave that day, and be on the road and in Houston by either that night or by early the next morning, and boy were we dead wrong. Later that day we called Kitty’s mom since we missed the call on Friday. She told us that we’d be leaving around noon the next day. NOON. We had to be in line at four!!!! Around that time we were mad and we wanted to say something, but we knew it would be rude, so we didn’t.

Aud ended up staying over that night and we went to work with my mom, eventually mellowing out over the whole plan setup. My mom said next time she’d drive us, which probably would have been better in the end. The next day we got up at eight ( We planned nine. XD ) and got up and watched some tv to help wake us up. We were gonna take showers, but my mommy was sleepy so we let her sleep. Instead, we got dressed and then went to wake her later on about ten-ish, giving her an hour to wake up. I made her coffee at 10:30 and then we left and were on our way to Kitty’s house.

Now let me say this. Kitty was not ready. o_o She was disorganized and we left the house at 12:30. I’ll skip the driving part. That would be very pointless to add into the whole review, now wouldn’t it? XD

So then we got to their friend’s house around 3:30!!!! No f-ing way. We still had 30 minutes to drive to the Meridian. >< So we waited for directions and blah blah and then around 3:55 we left again towards Chinatown, Houston. XD I never knew they had one, but it was lame... Anyways.. >_> Back to the story. We kept circling around looking for the Meridian and Aud called Totchi for directions. She told us and we did find it. The line was longer than we wanted. We had planned spending the day there and then getting to the front of the line with the people we planned to meet up with. We never met up with them and we didn’t get to the front. We weren’t in the back either. I’d say center..

We waited two to three hours for the opening and when it did we got excited. Earlier we had bought pre-order CDs in hope of going backstage, but we failed! T___T;; We tried though, but we only got false hope. It’s okay though.. We were able to see them. Sorta..

We got inside and we were gonna get the merchandise but we waited on that and went inside the back with our new friends from Kansas we met. They were cool. XD We have no pictures of this concert though, sadly. And inside the place were the stage was nice except for one thing... THERE WAS A F-ING POLE IN THE CENTER OF THE STAGE! We didn’t complain, since the other two bands were boring and unimportant. XD But we did want at the front since everyone was short and there were taller people near the front, and they were like six foot something and could’ve spared a few room for some short people who couldn’t see over their heats. -_-

We tried to work to the front and we got pretty closer to the center, but the “wave” would shift us apart either forward or backward. I was one of the one’s who got forward, while poor Aud had to get out before she passed out. So G.D.S. started finally and everyone screamed as loud as they can. There were elbows, hands and bodies everywhere and we stared watching for them yelling “Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!” in their rightful spots of course. I stopped though when they started to come out.

I was stunned at the sight of them, and straining to see Kyo, and when he did, by GOD did he look perfect. He looked so much younger than he did, like by twenty years younger. Perfection. The others did look good too, but my eyes were focused on him. And that was all I could see because of the stupid pole. >O At one point I was right in front of it and couldn’t see anything so I listened. It’s wonderful to watch him sing, but to hear him live is another. Just something amazing.

By this point, I couldn’t breathe and I contemplated getting out of the crowd before I did pass out, which I almost did, but I didn’t. I was shifted a bit and I could see them again, despite the fogging up and falling glasses which I constantly fixed because of elbows in the face and head bangs. >.o The pain!

This is where I apologize.. I can’t remember all the songs. >< Okay. okay most of them... It’s kinda hard when you’re getting beat up and trying to keep from passing out and listening and watching all at the same time. I remember...

Bottom of Death Valley
Clever Sleazoid
Ryojoku no Ame
Agitated Screaming Maggots

...That’s all... ( If anyone could remember or add on, I’ll gladly edit and add them. >.o ) When the concert was over, there was water falling everywhere. They were throwing the bottles and it took me a while to realize this, being the blond I am and having my hair just died and being all hot and tired. XD

Kyo was amazing though. He was F-ING amazing. This concert was memorable for me. I gots the bruises for it. XD But yeah.. There’s not more I can add since we didn’t get the backstage passes. So Aud gave me my wristband and I ran to the lines. I got us our shirts and we waited for Kitty by the doors of the stage area and watched the people try to give away the last two backstage passes by buying the pre-orders. Aud held up her money. “Can I buy those two?!” The guy joked and said how much. She said all the money in her pocket and he laughed and said no. Bastard. >_>

We left since they kicked us away and then we Kitty had her things we went outside and played for a bit, greatly energized. I had to pee! D: We hopped around and such and they told me to behind the bus. HELL NO! >< I will not degrade myself in public. >< So they tried getting pics of the hot Asian roadies. XD We failed, and then I had to go again. I should have.. We were pushed away again and I whispered to Aud “They’re coming~” She said shut up and what do you know, here comes Kyo in a women’s green jogging suit, tired, adorable, and meh! >< We stared and Aud chased the sidelines to get a pic with her phone. XD It sucked, but she kept it since Kyo has a nice ass. >_>

We picked up food after that and went back to the friend’s. We slept till about nine (?), then ate again and headed home. A stop at wal-mart then we were like Kohei! O_o We wanted the coffee and they took us to starbucks which was right next door. XD We drank it down and on the way home we had car troubles. We got home later than planned, but we made it.

4th-Feb-2007 10:11 pm - Today was a good day.
This afternoon, I went out. We went to the movies, to see The Messengers. It was scary, but really really good. It was more of t he suspense of it all and loud noises that frightened me, but it was enough to make me claw out my sides. They're all red and scratched. Lol. No pictures though. I don't want to burn your eyes with my whiteness. >_>;

After that, we went to eat Chinese. I had sesame seed chicken, but I didn't eat it all. I've been losing my appitite lately. I think I just can't stand food or something. ._. After that, we went to Borders, where I got The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor. It's a really good book so far. n.n

Then we went and had starbucks. Mmm~ White Chocolate Mocha Frappiccino. :3

Did I mention Bl3u's Gloomy Bear came in? -Points.- It's kawaii ne. Sorry that I look so missrable. I was tired. >>;
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